Car Stereo Audio Security

28 Jan

Car StereoParrot has been teasing us with its Asteroid head unit for quite some time now, first showing it off at CES way back in January. It’s finally coming to the US in October and we got a chance to try it out in Frankfurt. This Android-powered unit fits into a DIN slot in your car — easily replacing many standard car stereos (and some non-standard ones too) Queen Bed Frame. It comes with a flurry of cables that includes a GPS receiver (which can be stuck somewhere outside the car to get better reception) and inputs for USB, 3.5mm audio, and even an iDevice. Car Audio

Through these you can pull tunes from just about anything to play on there, but if you tether the device with a phone to provide connectivity (or plug in a USB modem, or connect over WiFi) Car Security you can stream music directly on it. It also offers Google Navigation, including traffic and all the niceties you’ve come to expect from your smartphone — but on an admittedly tiny (3.2-inch) screen. Connect a music device over USB and it’ll index the contents via GraceNote, letting you speak any artist, album, or song to play it directly. The Asteroid ships to the US in October for $349. If you have room for a little more Android in your life, maybe it’s time to make a little more room in your dash. Car Stereo


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